We love to work. We love workwear that supports us. But the most we love our environment and nature.

Why enywear? The idea behind and how it started?

We think it’s almost impossible to find sustainable workwear today. Clothing always creates a negative impact on the environment. We want to keep it smallest possible. Our solution is the use of natural fibers, mostly hemp, and the prevention of plastic as much as possible.

Quality Fabric

We sell quality fabric!

The search for a durable and rigid fiber that can compete with the heavy use of polyamide in workwear led us to hemp. It is one of the strongest natural fibers, UV resistant as well as antibacterial. A perfect basis for enduring garments.

We are designers & permaculturistas!

The combination of our passion results in products that we use and value ourselves.

Cornelia Simon

Cornelia Simon

Managing Director/ Co-Founder
Eva Simon

Eva Simon

Creative Director / Co-Founder
#The Product

We supply high quality pants with
proven, tested design that serves
the customer long-term

Our pant design includes pockets for tools, for cellphone to safely store your stuff. A knee pad pocket makes your kneeing work easier.

enywear workwear!

Sustainable fabrics for long-term use, that are good for the environment, for your work and body. We love our work with natural materials, like wood or stone and plants, just like you do.

High Quality Design Products!

We design what we need for our work at farms or in carpenter’s workshops, and have experts test our products. Our development goes through several stages to improve until we’re happy.

For everyday use in your work

Physical work requires fabric that support your movements. Don’t think about your workwear and just do your job, outside or inside, and have your tools handy.

  • Tool pocket for folding rule, cutting knife or secateur
  • Cell phone pocket with Velcro closure for 1-hand use
  • Leg lengths adjustable by higher seam for easy folding
  • Back part of pant slightly higher to support kneeing, bending

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Organic 100


Compliant with PETA