Flying sparks,
dirt, sweat: Hemp
Canvas does everything

Robust, sustainable work clothing

Quality Fabric

Dreaming of women's workwear with
perfect fit and look?


Enjoy your tough jobs
with comfortable &
sustainable workwear!

Sustainable Fibers

Today the best sustainable fiber is hemp. It’s been used for centuries in ropes, sails, clothes. Hemp canvas has proven to be a rugged and
comfortable ready-to-wear fabric.

Organic Fibers

Grown without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides, our organic cotton and hemp keep oceans clean, and eliminate the allergens found in conventional cotton. A soft and high-quality fabric.

Comfortable Workwear

We offer comfortable styles for women and men. Our fabrics are 100% plastic-free, with no elastane added. Our clever design will support all your moves at work, at home or wherever you take it.

Your Workwear from Sustainable &
Organic Materials

Sustainable Materials

Hemp is grown extensively using little to no water, no synthetic fertilizer, and little natural fertilizers compared to other crops. It proliferates more like a weed, suppressing other weeds.

Organic Materials

Cotton has many benefits: comfort, durability, affordability. The problem is a tremendous environmental impact. It is essential to opt for organic materials where the agricultural standard is the usage of pesticides. Better for our world and your own body.

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High Quality Fabrics and Proven
Design by Customers

All the great features that hemp naturally has are neither modern nor fancy. We use ancient materials that have served people for a long time. But it is very trendy to use this fiber and improve our footprint.



Great Fit

Sun Resistant



We understand what we sell & do!

The Product

We tested different materials and designs. We consult experts to review.
We’re not done until our customers sign off. That’s how we work.

All materials are different. Different work requires different designs. And every worker has own preferences. When it comes to sustainability, there’s not so much difference. Our ideas are shared amongst younger and older people. We are all aware that it is time to do things in a better way.

  • Breathing Materials
  • Organic Hemp & Cotton Canvas
  • Fitted Design for Men and Women
  • Vegan
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We are happy to help you to get started with a sustainable lifestyle.

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Tough Materials that support physical work

Canvas with strong, abrasion-resistant quality.

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My new favorite T-Shirt is very comfy and robust. I like the perfect neckline.
Judith Hoffmann
Apron unbreakable. Unpollutable. Looks just perfect even with my lousy garment care.
Manuela Stiegler
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Sustainable workwear
based on quality fabrics

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